Microneedling Treatment Guidelines

Microneedling Post-Treatment Guidelines

After your treatment, please be aware of the following:

  • Immediately after your treatment, you will look as though you have a moderate to severe sunburn.
  • Your skin may feel warm and tighter than usual.
  • You may notice some slight swelling.

All are normal and should subside within 24 hours. You may see slight redness after 24 hours but only in minimal areas or spots.

After Care Instructions

  • Use tepid water for the initial 72 hours to rinse the treated area.
  • Use a gentle cleanser to cleanse the face for the following week and gently dry the treated skin. Always make sure that your hands are clean when touching the treated area.
  • If you purchased EXOSOMES as part of your treatment, apply AM and PM after cleansing until the bottle is empty. Always apply EXOSOMES first in your routine.
  • Apply the SkinPen lubricant (white tube) provided for moisture over the next 72 hours.
  • After the initial 24 hours, apply a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 for 2 weeks. A chemical-free sunscreen is highly recommended.
  • You may resume wearing makeup after 48 hours but please be sure that your makeup brushes are clean.

What to Avoid

  • For 24 hours post-treatment:
    • No hot tubs, pools, saunas.
    • No strenuous exercise, excessive sweating, gym environments.
    • You may take light walks after 24 hours.
  • For 48 hours post-treatment:
    • No intentional and direct sunlight.
    • No tanning beds.
  • For 5 days post-treatment:
    • No Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acid, Retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin C (in low pH formula) or anything perceived as “active” skincare.