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Professional monthly, bi-yearly or yearly treatments are super important to help reach your aesthetic goals; however, the at-home skin care regimen that you use will be the game changer. I always like to compare your at-home skin care routine with going to the dentist. Even if you go 1-2 times a year to get your teeth professionally cleaned if you don’t brush and floss at home, your overall oral health won’t be very great. Same with skin care. Professional treatments and an at-home skin care routine truly do go hand-and-hand.

Here at Renew we use PCA Skin Care products. I swear by these products and they truly do what they say. PCA has skin care products for every skin type and they make it super easy and realistic to follow through with a daily skin care routine. With PCA, I have the ability to customize a skin care routine if you have sensitive, discolored, aging, or acne prone skin. I love this because each of these categories have different needs and we are able to confidently fulfill them!

I like to break down skin care routines to 4 main steps which are cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect.

Cleansing- Washing your face is the foundation for proper skin care. It is especially important to cleanse at night to remove makeup and dirt from the day. This also helps your skin to repair itself while sleeping. Cleansing twice a day is ideal because in the morning it is removing any oil-build up from overnight.

Correct- This product would be specific to your skin care needs. In most cases I will suggest a Vitamin C&E which will repair, protect and prevent all in one product! So it will brighten and strengthens your skin while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles which is amazing. A lot of times you will see changes after just a few weeks of using this product.

Hydrate- This is a staple in any skin care routine. Dehydrated skin is not a good look for anyone. If skin is lacking hydration it could cause wrinkles and aging to happen prematurely. It could also cause redness and breakouts if you are not hydrated!

Protect- Last but not least. SPF if your defense from the sun. Without at least a 30 SPF daily you are putting yourself at a high risk for discoloration, wrinkles and even skin cancer. And yes you still need to wear and SPF in the winter months to protect your skin!

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