Nutrition for Life by Renew
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Meet Kathleen Ruggeri

Kathleen Ruggeri is a dietitian, health and fitness expert. Kathleen graduated from Immaculata University with a master’s degree in nutrition in 2005. Shortly after graduation, she began to work as a part of the Nutrition and Dietetic Department at The Chester County Hospital. 

Kathleen is happy to partner with the healthcare providers at Renew to develop Nutrition for Life by Renew.

What Is Nutrition for Life by Renew? 

Renew Nutrition for Life is a guided weight loss and fitness program that promotes healthy eating and exercise, and it’s tailored to your individual health and wellness needs. After all, self-care is not a competition or a one-size-fits-all process. It’s about uncovering your best YOU. 

Kathleen designed Renew Nutrition for Life to be a personalized weight loss program that promotes healthy eating, establishes appropriate exercise, and helps you reach individual fitness and weight loss goals. She coaches you on making permanent, sustainable lifestyle changes that help you maintain personal wellness for years to come. Kathleen believes in living an active, healthy lifestyle, and she incorporates her passion for nutrition and exercise into the program. 

Program Includes

Renew Nutrition for Life is a personalized 8-week wellness program that features driven, caring coaching from Kathleen Ruggeri. 

You get: 

● Baseline screening, including measurements and bloodwork when necessary. 

● An intake meeting with Kathleen that establishes your starting point and your goals. 

● A flexible meal plan that’s tailored to your nutritional needs, complete with recipes and shopping lists. 

● An exercise program that’s customized for your body. 

● Weekly 1-on-1 meetings with Kathleen to assess your progress. 

● Checkpoint meetings to analyze your weight, measurements, and bloodwork.* 

Best of all, you’ll have a plan to stay healthy and thriving for years to come. And who might even fit into those old jeans in the back of your closet! 

*Results will vary.

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