Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a safe, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses pulsed laser energy to remove unwanted hair from a targeted area while leaving surrounding skin unharmed.

The specialized laser targets melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle. As the laser fires, it rapidly and efficiently heats the hair follicle destroying hair that is in the active phase of growth and prevents re-growth. 

Laser hair removal can be performed on almost all areas of the body.  Most common areas are the chin, upper lip, chest, underarms, back, bikini line and legs.  Treatments are available for both women and men. Most clients experience little to no discomfort during treatment.   

Candidates for Laser Hair Removal

Because the laser energy used to remove hair targets melanin (pigment), the best candidates for laser hair removal have dark hair. Conversely, those with light blond, red, gray or white hair are typically not good candidates. Recent technological advances have made laser hair removal for those with dark skin more successful, while techniques for using lasers to effectively remove light-colored hair still are being investigated.

Laser Treatment Recommendations

Hair growth takes place cyclically, in three stages. The most effective laser hair removal takes place during the anagen (full-growth) stage because the hair follicles in this stage are susceptible to laser energy.

Our clients will experience a significant reduction in hair growth in the first couple of treatments, but because all hair is not in the same stage of growth it will typically take between three and six treatments, spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart to achieve permanent hair reduction.

The exact length of treatment depends on the texture of the client’s hair and the location from which it is being removed.

Our Laser Technology

Our laser hair removal treatments are performed using the Lumenis LightSheer Desire Diode Laser. This laser is approved by the FDA to treat all skin types and has proven in both rigorous scientific and extensive clinical trials to be the gold standard in the industry. 

Our laser system is equipped with both the patented ‘chill tip’ for continuous cooling of the skin during treatment and HIT (high speed integrated technology) to treat larger areas in a short amount of time.

Post Treatment Information and Side Effects

Some redness, soreness or swelling may occur immediately after laser hair removal but rarely lasts for more than a few days. Cold compresses or ice packs, post-treatment laser gel, moisturizers, and anti-inflammatory creams may minimize discomfort.

Other complications, although rare, include skin irritation such as blistering and crusting; changes in pigmentation or texture of the skin; and scarring at the treatment site.

Sun exposure should be avoided for 2 weeks pre and post-treatment.  A medical grade SPF sunscreen should be applied to any exposed treated area. We recommend EltaMD Broad Spectrum daily SPF which is available for purchase in our office.

*All clients are required to read and sign our pre- and post-treatment procedure paperwork prior to your first treatment.


Pricing is for 6 session packages to 1 chosen body area. Single and 3 treatment packages are also available. Ask our staff for more information. Purchase a laser combination package for additional savings!


Upper Lip, Ears, Nose, Eyebrow, Areola



Brazilian, Buttocks, Chest, Stomach, Arms (upper or lower), Full neck, Full face, Shoulders



Chin, Sideburns, Hands, Feet, Linea



Full back, Full front, Lower legs, Upper legs

*Upgrade to full legs for $2025



Neck (Front or Back), Underarms, Thong line, Simple Bikini

*Upgrade to Deep Bikini for $725



Treat small, medium and large areas after completing 9 treatments.*see details

up to $75



Lip + Chin 

(SAVE $100)



Face + Neck (front or back)

(SAVE $400)



Full front or back, Shoulders, Neck (front or back)

(SAVE $625)



Ears + Neck (front or back) + NOSE

(SAVE $425)



Deep bikini + Underarms + Upper or Lower legs

(SAVE $625)



Full legs + Brazilian

(SAVE $300)



Brazilian + Underarms

(SAVE $400)



Brazilian + Underarms + Upper or Lower legs

 (SAVE $725)


*Add fingers, toes, or nose to any 6 session package for $150                    

*Laser combination packages are not eligible for additional discounts


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